How to Achieve a Healthy Smile

woman flossing in the mirror

We all have that one friend (or maybe several) with the most beautiful set of teeth; glowing white, perfectly straight, and always seemingly flawless. There’s something about having a gorgeous smile that helps boost confidence. Our job is to help make sure your smile is not only pretty, but also healthy. Here are a few things to keep in mind, and some helpful hints to keep your smile looking and feeling great.

Floss is irreplaceable

The most common question people are asked at the dentist is “have you been flossing?” While we’re certain many patients don’t give a completely honest answer, we always stress the importance of floss. Some think a toothpick after each meal is sufficient, but the fact of the matter is nothing can replace floss. Flossing once each day helps prevent plaque buildup and reduce the chances of oral health issues like gum disease.

A white smile doesn’t guarantee a healthy smile

There’s nothing wrong with wanting whiter teeth, but it’s important to understand white teeth are not always healthy. Brushing, flossing, rinsing and regular dental visits are still vital to the overall health of your smile, and no amount of whitening can replace that.

Regular dental visits are essential

Simply put, ignoring the dentist is a bad idea. As we mentioned above, regular visits to your dentist are absolutely essential to your dental health. When you go to a checkup, you receive a thorough cleaning, x-rays and checks for things like gum disease, cancer and other health issues.

Don’t put-off addressing problems

If you’re experiencing aches and pains related to your teeth, mouth or jaw, schedule an appointment as soon as possible. The pain could be from an oral infection, chipped tooth or other serious issue. Waiting will only make the problem worse. It’s best to address it right away!

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