The Best Foods for a Tooth-Friendly Lunch

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Back-to-school time is just around the corner! It’s amazing how time flies, isn’t it? Of course as the kids get back into their routine, our job is to help make sure their teeth and gums continue to stay healthy. Though we often talk about foods you should try to avoid, there are other foods we encourage to help keep those smiles strong.

If you pack your child’s lunch every day, these types of foods are great things to help keep their gums and teeth healthy while they’re at school.


A whole wheat sandwich with grilled or baked chicken or turkey is a wonderful, filling choice. Protein works to help keep tooth enamel strong, while also helping strengthen and feed their muscles.

Vitamin C

Healthy teeth are important, but we need to keep the gums in mind, too! Veggies like red and orange peppers are high in Vitamin C and help strengthen connective tissue. Their mild flavor makes them a great option – even for picky eaters!


It’s no secret calcium is well-loved by our bones. To keep your child’s teeth and jaw (and the rest of their bones) strong, try incorporating snacks like cheese, yogurt, milk, or other dairy-based products into their lunch.

Bacteria-Fighting Foods

Our saliva plays an essential role in helping eliminate bacteria that causes bad breath. Unfortunately, it can’t do it alone! Crunchy foods like celery and carrots are a great because they require more chewing, which leads to an increase in saliva production. Together, they help keep bacteria at bay.

Whether you’re packing lunches for yourself or your children, we want to help keep your mouth happy and healthy! If you ever have questions about how foods affect your dental health, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to offer guidance!

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