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At Lakeshore Family Dentistry, we want to make sure all of our patients are happy with their smiles. Because of our closeness to & interactions with the Fox Point community, we think we are uniquely positioned to offer personalized dental services to our local patients & really achieve their dental goals. Ultimately, we aren’t satisfied until you are.

Lakeshore Family Dentistry is proud to offer stellar dental care to our local communities, including Fox Point village. Our Glendale office is conveniently located near the border of Glendale & Fox Point & is a short drive from anywhere in the village. You can find us north of the Fairfield Inn, just off the I-43. We are conveniently located between Good Hope & Green Tree roads near Pick ’n Save.

We love working with our Fox Point neighbors

We love working with our Fox Point neighbors & patients & we’re happy to offer dentistry that is both convenient & high quality. We know many of our Fox Point patients have a busy schedule, which is why we offer early morning & evening appointments so you can receive your care on your way into & out of school or work.

Convenient access to local dentistry is something we pride ourselves on because we strongly believe everyone deserves to have their teeth taken care of. Taking care of your teeth & gums is an important part of your body’s hygiene & health. On top of being good for your health, clean, white teeth are a self-esteem boost for many people—which we think is very important.

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We know that it is incredibly important for a dentist to be trustworthy & our dentists strive every day to prove ourselves worthy of your trust. To our minds, being part of the community at Fox Point is a good way to demonstrate this. We truly want what is best for each of our patients & by extension their communities.

Our doctors are committed to explaining how & why we recommend certain procedures. We know that the best way to maintain oral health is to prevent problems in the first place, so we take an active role in educating our patients on preventive dental care. It is especially important to us to have a hand in teaching our community how to avoid painful problems like cavities.

Providing local dental care is an investment in the community

Lakeshore Family Dentistry is dedicated to serving Fox Point villagers by providing excellent dental care & encouraging dental health in the community. We want to help create a Fox Point where everyone can be proud of their healthier & whiter smile. To that end, we view our commitment to providing local dental care as an investment in the community. We know we’d like our children to grow up somewhere with access to quality dentistry, so it seems only fair to offer it ourselves!

You can reach our Glendale office at  414-352-1600. Please reach out to set up an appointment with one of our talented doctors & prepare yourself for dental excellence!

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