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Lakeshore Family Dentistry is proud to offer outstanding dentistry to our neighbors in Mequon. While our dental offices are in Milwaukee County, we have many patients from Mequon who we love seeing. Our dentists & staff are excited to work with our local community & help build it into a place where everyone can have healthy teeth & gums.

Our Glendale office is a short drive from Mequon. You can find us on North Port Washington Road, just south of the intersection of Good Hope Road & the North-South Freeway.

We love working with our Mequon neighbors

At Lakeshore Family Dentistry, we know that there are many factors that might cause our patients to delay visiting the dentist or even stop altogether. You don’t have to worry about us judging you for how long ago your last checkup was. We understand that sometimes things happen—but still, coming in to see the dentist is very important! So we’ve taken steps to make sure our stellar dentistry is as accessible as possible.

We pride ourselves on accessibility, both in terms of available appointments & how we treat our patients. To us, our patients are family—part of a wide community we work with to improve lives. To that end, none of our patients ever need to fear the dentist because we prioritize patient safety, satisfaction & comfort. There’s no point in dental work if our patients don’t end up happier than they started!

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The easiest way to show how accessible our dentistry is has to be our convenient hours. We can see you in the early mornings & in the evenings, so that you don’t have to miss work or school. Many of our patients from Mequon & elsewhere have busy lives & we understand that & respect your schedules. We do our best to make sure that our patients don’t have to stress over making time for dental visits.

The dentists & staff at Lakeshore Family Dentistry also do their best to keep our patients educated. None of us want to have to treat a case that we can prevent by teaching our patients how to properly maintain their dental care! We truly want what’s best for our patients—as a local practice, we are uniquely qualified to personalize our treatments and advice for every individual that comes through our doors.

Providing local dental care is an investment in the community

Dentistry can be expensive, but we don’t want that to keep our neighbors & community from getting the treatments & checkups that they need. We take steps to maximize the benefits of your insurance & we work with & accept most dental insurance. We even have a membership program for our uninsured patients that guarantees some yearly preventive dental care! Please call us for details.

Ultimately, we want to ensure our community has a future of bright smiles & healthy teeth. That’s why we are so devoted to making our dentistry so accessible: it’s important now & it will be important for your & our children.

To reach out to us for details or schedule an appointment, you can reach our Glendale office at  414-352-1600. Alternatively, you can book an appointment online at any time of day.

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