Easy-on-the-Teeth Snacks for the Holidays!

mozarella basil tomatoes on a plate

The holidays may be the sweetest time of year, but not all of the treats need to be packed with sugar! We’re always on the hunt for great snacks that can serve as an alternative to sweets, which are tough on the teeth.

Here are a few things you can try incorporating into your holiday spread this year!

Banana Strawberry Santa Hats

You’ve probably seen photos before of strawberry santa hats that use marshmallows as the “fur” on the brim and tip. A great alternative is to swap the marshmallow out for banana! Simply cut off the top of a strawberry and flip it onto a slice of banana. Then, cut a second slice of banana into smaller pieces and place one piece on top of the strawberry to act as the white fur pom pom. Simple, delicious, and healthy!

Cheese, In Many Forms!

Cheese is always a great option, as it’s rich in calcium and great for your bones! Small wedges served with some pretzels or a caprese salad (fresh mozarella, tomato slices, basil, and balsamic drizzle) are delicious, healthy snacks year ‘round. You can even get creative and turn triangular wedges of cheese into mini reindeer heads with pretzels as antlers, black olive cut-outs as eyes, and red pepper cut-outs as the nose!

Hard-Boiled Egg Snowmen

Two hard-boiled eggs stacked on top of each other using a pretzel stick to hold them together is a great foundation for egg snowmen! Whether you pre-make a design for a party or turn it into a fun activity with the kids, you can use carrots, peppercorns, olive and pepper cut-outs, celery, pretzels or many other things to create your own snowman!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

As far as sweets are concerned, chocolate is generally the safest bet for your teeth. A classic treat is the chocolate covered strawberry. Sweet and satisfying, these are a great option to serve at your holiday party that are easy on the teeth.

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