General Dentistry Treatments − Glendale & Greendale

Deep Cleanings

Regular cleanings not only keep your teeth looking great, but they are also crucial to your overall health. Gum disease is prevalent in the United States, with 3 out of 4 Americans suffering from some form of periodontal diseases. The consequences of periodontal disease being left untreated can mean painful gums, loose teeth, and decaying tissue that may eventually mean partial to complete loss of teeth and dentures.

Lakeshore Family Dentistry provides deep cleaning services by our skilled and gentle hygienists to remove tartar, debris, and bacteria above and below the gum line to fight against gingivitis and periodontal disease. The deep cleaning process is called “Scaling and Root Planing." It’s the most effective way to remove tartar and help the gums to naturally reattach to the tooth, which may save you from more invasive procedures down the road. To keep you relaxed and comfortable during the procedure, we can apply topical anesthetics if needed.

Dental Fillings

Got cavities? You’re not alone. 91% of US adults have at least one cavity. Luckily, Lakeshore Family Dentistry can get you in and out quickly. We use only the highest quality composite resin-based materials, and all our fillings are mercury-free. If you’ve got old school silver filings you want to be replaced, you’ll find the materials we use are a superior fit for your teeth than the mercury based fillings - not to mention not leaking poisonous chemicals into your surrounding teeth which can weaken them.

Color and shading are always closely matched with your existing teeth for the most pleasing aesthetic. By using the highest grade of materials, we know that our fillings are the most durable available. They will seamlessly blend with your existing teeth and play nice with your surrounding teeth for the most comfortable and natural fit. Bite adjustments are included and recommended after the procedure to fully finesse the fit and ensure your bite feels perfect.

Crowns & Bridges

The reason why most people are concerned about having crowns or bridges is they feel like they won’t look like their natural teeth. Everyone has thoughts of how their grandparents' teeth may have looked, with color variations in the teeth themselves or the tell-tale gray metal used peeking out near the gum line on crowns. However, with all the advances in dentistry over the years, you won’t suffer the same fate. We use cutting edge dental practices, employing the use of porcelain which is a much more natural looking substance and is better tolerated by gum tissue.

Crowns are used when fillings are so large they compromise the structure of the tooth, if the tooth is cracked, and often over root canals to strengthen the teeth. The porcelain crowns we use are very durable and reliable and look natural in your mouth.
Bridges are used when there is a missing tooth or a wide gap. We use bridges whenever possible because they have a long history of success and are less invasive than implants. A bridge is comprised of two crowns that we fit to your existing teeth on either side of the gap, with a porcelain tooth in between. Done correctly, a bridge is virtually unnoticeable.

Since bridges are custom made for your mouth, it’s important they are done right! Our advanced techniques and premiere dental materials ensure your crown or bridge is beautiful, comfortable, and lasts for decades.

Root Canals

Have you ever heard the saying, “ was better than a root canal?” While we can’t say a root canal will be the best time you’ve ever had, we can promise they are not nearly as bad as you may think when done by an expert. Thanks to sedation therapy and other techniques we employ at Lakeshore Family Dentistry, we can assure root canals can be done with minimal discomfort. In fact, most of our patients agree the discomfort caused by the infection in the tooth is far worse than the root canal procedure itself.

When your tooth has infected and diseased pulp inside, it causes pain and inflammation. A root canal is a preferred method to solve the issue. Alternative methods, like removal and implants, can cause shifting in the teeth and be substantially more expensive. There are some down sides to root canals, as the tooth is no longer living (there is no blood flow to the tooth after a root canal) so there is the chance of rejection of the tooth at some point by your body. Rest assured, before we do a root canal or any other procedure, we will go over all of the pros and cons with you to help you make the decision that's right for you.

Dental Implants

Dr. LaManna has the specialized training to offer oral implant surgery for patients who need replacement of missing or damaged posterior teeth. Implants are made by inserting tiny titanium posts which are placed into the jawbone and effectively act as your teeth’s new root. Once in place and fused to your jaw, we can craft replacement teeth that are cosmetically matched to the shape of your old tooth. This process requires a high degree of dental skill to ensure success, and will require several different appointments to be sure of a great placement and fit. These dental implants will be durable, beautiful, and feel just like your own teeth.


If your teeth are damaged beyond repair, it influences your life in so many ways. The way you look, chew, and speak can be a daily source of pain or embarrassment. Missing teeth can cause your cheeks and face to collapse, which can change your entire look. In many cases, dentures are an affordable way to help restore your smile and give you back your confidence. At Lakeshore Family Dentistry, our specialized training in new denture technology means your dentures will be fitted properly to your mouth for maximum comfort with the most natural look available.

Kids' Dentistry

The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics suggest every child should visit a dentist when their first tooth appears. For some children this will be as young as 7-9 months, but for most a visit at one year old is suggested. We welcome children of all ages! Regular dental checkups mean healthier mouths and less tooth decay throughout their lives. Children with healthy teeth learn to speak clearly, chew properly, and smile with the confidence we all want them to have!

Our warm and welcoming offices and staff means fearfulness will be eliminated and your child will look forward to their visit. Dr. LaManna has even been known to sing a song or two to make the visit even more fun!
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