Our Team

Dr. Emily Pohl


Dr. Emily will be starting as a full-time associate at our Glendale office in August 2017. She grew up in Menomonee Falls and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in biology & chemistry from the University of St. Thomas. She then graduated magna cum laude from the Marquette School of Dentistry.

Dr. Emily’s own struggle with a congenital dental condition - non-syndromic oligodontia, which prevented the development of 12 of her permanent teeth - sparked a fervent desire to spend her life helping others love their smiles! She is no stranger to the dental chair and knows firsthand what patients go through.

In her free time, she enjoys playing softball and volleyball, hiking, motorcycling, singing, and dancing. You can find her dancing in the Marquette School of Dentistry’s music videos on YouTube.


Front Desk and Office Manager

I love working in the dental field because...
I love helping and interacting with patients. It's a privilege to meet and get to know so many different people. When you're able to get to know patients and make them feel welcome to your office, it makes them more eager to come and that's an amazing feeling, especially for those patients who start out being "afraid" of the dentist.

Favorite sports team: I absolutely love the Packers!

In my free time, I love being with friends and family, hanging out with my dog Buddy, and watching and attending sporting events. I also love being outside as much as possible when this Wisconsin weather allows me to. I also enjoy watching movies and listening to all types of music, however my favorite would have to be country.


Dental Hygienist

I love working in the dental field because...
I feel honored to work in the health care field and serve patients on a daily basis. The opportunity to help get young patients off to a good start without fear of dental visits and to positively impact their future oral health is extremely rewarding. I enjoy being able to develop relationships with patients at each visit and help them to improve their home care, provide oral education, and do my best to give patients every tool they need to always have good checkups.

Education: A.A.S. In Dental Hygiene from Milwaukee Area Technical College
Hometown: I am a native of the North Shore community and that is where my husband and I currently reside, raising our three daughters
Favorite place to spend time: Elkhart Lake
Favorite music to sing to patients: Whatever comes on! I may not know all or the correct words, but I can hum to anything!
Favorite part of the day: When a patient feels good about the progress they have made. Whether they are cavity free, improved their periodontal health, improved in home care techniques, or simply felt more relaxed at this appointment than the last - they are all huge milestones that I am blessed to be a part of!

When I am not with my patients, you can find me staying active outdoors, in the kitchen trying out new recipes, crafting with the kids, tackling design projects, and you will quickly learn I can shop till I drop!


Dental Hygienist

I love working in the dental field because...
I had such pleasant experiences in the past as a patient so I am very passionate is making sure our patients are comfortable. I enjoy providing preventative and gentle care!

Education: A. A. S. In Dental Hygiene from Milwaukee Area Technical College
Hometown: South side of Milwaukee
Favorite sports team: Big time Packer fan!
Favorite music to sing to patients: Anything from classic rock to pop songs! My playlist is endless!
Favorite part of the day: Seeing a familiar face :)

Outside of the office, I spend as much time with family as possible and contribute needed goods to local dog shelters.


Dental Assistant

I love working in the dental field because...
It's incredibly fulfilling knowing I'm helping people achieve better dental health every day.

Favorite music to sing to patients: Country!
Favorite part of the day: I'm definitely a morning person. The beginning of the day, when I'm getting everything set up for the day's patients, is my favorite part. It's exciting finding out who I'll get to see each day!